Ytori Magazine features UF Quest Game



Our team was happy to find out that the UF Quest Game was featured in the Fall 2019 issue of Ytori Magazine published by the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The article says that: At the heart of this Intersections Group is the desire to show students that we are all more connected across cultures and even time than we think. For example, when students play the “UF Quest Game,” they’ll stop by the Harn Museum of Art to take a look at a 17th century Korean bodhisattva sculpture and be compelled to consider the piece on a variety of levels. What technology was used to make it? What purpose did it serve? What does it mean to them, the students, sitting in front of them here in Florida, thousands of miles away from where it was originally created, hundreds of years later?

An on-line version of this article can be found in the following link: