UF Quest Game featured in EdScoop



The UF Quest Game that was created as part of our Imagineering the Technosphere project was featured on March 11, 2020 in EdScoop, an on-line news outlet for education.

The article was titled “Immersive app turns U. of Florida campus into educational board game” and provided a detailed presentation of the project: “The game, part of a class called “Imagineering the Technosphere,” taps into an app called Time Traveler that uses GPS to navigate students around campus and bestow historical insights into the locations they visit, such as museums, research facilities and event venues. Upon arrival at each location, the app presents historical information and later poses a question that tests students’ comprehension of the information presented. The app also ties into a corresponding physical board game in which students compete against each other for 3D-printed pieces that correspond to the locations visited. ”

You can read the full article here: https://edscoop.com/university-florida-immersive-app-educational-board-game/